Monday, April 30, 2012

MW3 Tips - 3 Important Tips To Improve Your Game In Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 has forever changed the first person shooter world. With it's fast paced game play as well as the tactical and teamwork requirements, this game is the first true first person shooter game that relies on a combination of teamwork and skillful strategies in order to succeed. Having played the game for a while now and learning many secrets and tips the pros use to dominate MW3, I feel it's time to let you in on some of the secret tips that have helped me become one of the top ranked MW3 players. I consistently place in the top three for kill/death ratio scores not because I am some super elite pro gamer, but because I was shown the proper way to play the game by some of those elite gamers.

Tip #1 - Build your class and weapons properly:

That's right, if you learn the proper methods for your class and chosen weapons, you will have a huge advantage over 90% of the people out there. This will greatly increase your survivability and keep you alive longer so you can rack up more kills. When you are stronger, and faster than most of the other players in the game, it's obvious that you will also have more kills. However there is a bit more to this game besides just being faster and stronger. You need to be able to think quickly on your feet and that is where my next tip comes in.

Tip #2 - Be unpredictable:

If you can predict what the other player is going to do, you have a good chance that you will kill them before they kill you. Most players do similar things when going head to head in combat such as moving from side to side while firing their weapon, this is a surefire way to get killed quickly. These tactics may have worked in earlier first person shooter games, but it will not work out so well for you in Modern Warfare 3. An interesting move that I find works really well is this. When you come face to face with an enemy player, while they do the typical side to side movement, you should immediately drop down into the prone position and kill them. They are so busy running back and forth aiming at your head that when you go prone it throws them off for a second or two giving you plenty of time to cut them down. This is just one basic example on how to be unpredictable.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kinect Sports - Kinect Xbox Review


quick and simple fun

variety of sports


Xbox Live support for two players


control incorporation of some sports

lacks a single player career

Kinect Sports offers a diverse range of sports fully in line with competitors, with the only difference that here you actually get involved in sports using your whole body. Kinect and its two cameras are watching you closely.

This means that shaking the controller when running will not be sufficient and because there is no controller with Kinect, you really have to lift your legs, jump, kick or hit with your hands. The variety of sports includes, but is not limited to, soccer, volleyball, boxing, bowling, ping pong as well as athletics such as running, hurdles, jumping into the sand hour drive, and javelin. The game has 3 slightly different modes for each discipline: Party Play mode for two teams designed to fit your party; Main Event offers all disciplines for a single or multiplayer; and Quickplay mode to get you fast into action.

The game is pure fun and it is the best with more players, whether on TV or through the Live. Single player is only offered a good training and good feeling when beating an AI at four different levels of experience.

The most robust of all the games is soccer, which offers not only shots on goal, but the whole match for one or two players. It is not a standard FIFA, but it shows how EA could incorporate Kinect in this popular series. During the match, the game will automatically switch between players who are the closest to the ball and gives you an option of passing the ball, or if the opponent has the ball you can prevent his pass by moving yourself in front of the shot. You have an option to shoot at the goal when you are close to the net or to have a moment to catch the ball when switched to a goalkeeper. The actual running is excluded, allowing you to focus only on the ball.