Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Modern Warfare 3 Strategy - 5 Helpful Hints For MW3

Modern Warfare 3 is the latest Call of Duty game on the market. It is surprisingly quite different from the rest of the Call of Duty games in that it requires the player to focus a bit more on teamwork and a bit less on running around like Rambo with their guns firing on full auto like some Hollywood movie. It requires you to think about your strategy and tactics at every step of the game. Even the single player campaign focuses more on teamwork and weapon accuracy. However most people purchase these first person shooter games for the multiplayer aspect of the game. Nothing is more challenging in multiplayer mode than MW3.

The first thing you want to focus on when beginning a multiplayer mission is your class. You have to set up your class properly in order to rise to your full potential. When your class is set up properly it makes a world of difference, you will get more kills because you will be stronger and faster than most other players in the match. 90% of players don't know how to properly setup their class and when you do it gives you quite an advantage over them.

Your next task should be configuring your weapon properly, there are many strategy guides out there that show you exactly how to configure your weapon properly for maximum damage and kill power. This will give you another huge advantage over most other players as they run around aimlessly getting owned, you will be able to kill them much more quickly then they can kill you because you have a better weapon and know how to use it properly. Knowing which weapon to use and when to use it is a major factor in this game.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Is Wii Fit All About?

A big part of why Wii has been such a successful console for Nintendo is the fitness games available for it. Wii Fit was released in Japan in late 2007 selling 1 million units within the first month. It went international in mid 2008 causing stock shortages all over the world. The game came packaged with a peripheral known as the "Wii Balance Board" - which is a board the player stands on whilst playing the game. The series has more than 40 physical activities and consists of balance games, strength training exercises, aerobics and yoga. It generally received positive reviews from critics and was a big hit with the general public. This huge success made Wii Fit series into the third best selling game in console's history.

After the success of Wii Fit it was inevitable that there would be a sequel and it came in late 2009 in the shape of Wii Fit Plus. And indeed it was a great success selling 2.16 million copies within 1 month of its release. Basically, Nintendo took the basic components of Wii Fit and expanded on them - it included 15 new balance and aerobics games and six new strength training and yoga activities. Some viewed Wii Fit Plus as more of an expansion to the older version since there were no drastic changes to the way the game worked or its features. As well as the inclusion of new games a calorie-burning counter, the ability to create your own fitness routines and the option to create profiles for pets and babies were added. The updated system is sold as a bundle with Wii Balance Board and also on its own for people who already have the balance board. As with its predecessor, the Fit Plus received positive review overall and has been widely praised for its role in getting people more active whilst playing video games.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide - Why You Need A BF3 Guide

For those of us who have been playing first person shooter games for years a bit of an adjustment is required for the latest and greatest in first person shooter games, Battlefield 3. The major difference is that this game requires you to focus a lot more on teamwork than any of the other games out there. Another major difference is that you actually have to play the part of the class you select. You can't select to be medic and expect to be running headlong into enemies like you would if you were an assault soldier. You instead will have to heal your teammates and make sure they are always battle ready. This type of scenario goes for all of the classes available in BF3. This is exactly why you need a good Battlefield 3 strategy guide to show you how to play the game properly.

That is not the only thing you will learn however. You will also find out the best ways to set up your class as well as your weapon which will allow you to be as powerful as you possibly can be, this gives you a huge advantage over most of the other players out there because they do not know how to setup their character properly. You will also get a complete multiplayer walk through which shows you all of the maps and common enemy travel routes. This allows you to both go behind enemy lines undetected and shows you the best places to setup so you can mow down tons of enemies without being seen. Most BF3 strategy guides also offer a complete single player walk through which will lead you step by step through the single player game showing exactly what to do and when to do it. This allows you to complete the game on the hardest setting with very little effort and frustration.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Best Xbox 360 Games So Far - 2011

Waaow this is one of those topics that people can view in a lot of different ways, so instead of writing down a list of games that I personally think kick ass, I will look up a list of games that have been sold an immense amount of times and tell you why you should get it.

Red Dead Redemption

When you are looking to relive the old western world in sort of a GTA jacket, then Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games ever made. Packed with "missions" and side quests, Red Dead Redemption makes you live the old American days the way you choose to. Of course, there is a main storyline, but nobody usually cares for that and just wants to pick up a horse and blast their ways across the land. Another great thing about Red Dead Redemption is that there are loads of mini-games to play like, Texas hold em', the knife bashing between the fingers and loads more. You will surely be entertained for a good 60 hours and you can make create your own reputation (sheriff or bandit) in a lot of the cities you will travel to.

Halo (series)

One of the games that changed Xbox360 gamers' lives forever are the Halo series which are famous and still being played everywhere in the world. Halo is a game where gamers assume the role of Masterchief as he tries to stop numerous of alien scum in destroying humanity. Although this sounds really interesting, I can't help stop saying that people don't buy Halo for the offline campaign (optional to play multiplayer) and usually go straight through to the many options for online play which are really rewarding. When looking for a nice game of zombies, CTF, Versus, King of the Hill and many other game modes, Halo is THE GAME for you.